Bed Size Guide

What size bed should you buy?

There are lots of things to consider when deciding what size and type of bed you should buy - your quality of sleep is everything, so comfort should be a priority. 

How do you sleep? If you need space to stretch out, consider going up a size.  If you are buying for children, allow extra space for growing! 

Measuring Your Room

How big is the room? Consider how you bed will look.  Too big and it will dominate the room and too small it may look a bit lost.  
Remember when measuring, if you are looking at a bed frame, it will usually be slightly bigger than the mattress.  Certain bed styles - like sleigh beds have curved ends and that can change the dimensions quite dramatically.
Also consider your height!  If you are tall, double beds are 190 cm (6 ft 3") and king size beds are 200 cm (6 ft 6") Beds with a high foot end may be more restrictive.
When considering the room set up, allow for door frames and skirting boards.  You could use newspaper to mock up a template of where you new bed will go which will allow you to see what space is left over for bedside cabinets etc.

What about plug sockets?  Will you have space for phone chargers, bedside lamps and/or an alarm clock?  worth a thought.

Delivery and Access

Will your bed, headboard etc. fit through your entrance door, up the stairs and around the corners?  some of our beds require assembly, which can be done once in the home, but some parts such as headboards are extremely large!  That's why we always ask you about access when arranging delivery to make sure that we don't come up against any surprises! 

You can read more about delivery options and mattress removal service under the 'more' section of our menu.